Edward Asare

⠀⠀ Social Media Manager || UBA ⠀⠀ Ghana ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Edward Asare is an astute Digital Marketer/Social Media Manager with expertise in creating engaging content that increases brand awareness and web traffic.

Edward Asare is an award-winning Digital marketing/Media Expert and Influencer passionate about helping individuals, brands and businesses communicate their value and build their online presence. He helps brands communicate with their target audience by leveraging on effective digital media and communication strategies that increase brand awareness, visibility and engagement.

Currently, Edward works as the Digital Marketer at UBA Ghana, Prior to joining  UBA Ghana, he worked for YEN.com.gh as a Social Media Manager; one of Ghana’s leading digital entertainment and news platform. In this role, he is responsible for directing the company’s digital marketing efforts.  Edward Asare worked with TV3 as Social Media Manager.

He has worked with leading brands and businesses both locally and internationally including Standard Chartered Bank, Credence Microcredit, Peduase Valley Resort, Ankobra Beach Resort, Step Up Business School among others. He has also had the opportunity to work with other notable personalities.

With competencies that span across Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Communications, Strategy Public Speaking, Project Management, Copywriting, Blogging among others, Edward Asare is widely known in his field. His skills and experience make him a sought after thought leader on a global and national front.

Edward was recently appointed as a Board Member and Marketing Committee Chair of Educational Communities Worldwide, a non-profit aimed at providing quality education through educational training and opportunities for students across the globe.

He is constantly looking for ways to drive growth through digital marketing, branding, and communications strategies that convert to sales. He is passionate about personal development, education, innovation and youth development. His impact has been felt by his community of followers who are inspired by his work. Edward uses his platform to spotlight young millennials, thought leaders and industry experts who are making a difference. He also uses his platforms as a knowledge-sharing medium.

He has spoken at several seminars and events. Edward Asare was recently honoured as the Digital Influencer of the Year 2020 at the Youth Excellence Awards. He was also nominated as Youth Blogger of the Year and Digital Marketer of the Year.

11:30 - 12:25

Wednesday 16th June

Social Media Marketing

Content creation, Content Automation and Captioning

11:30 - 12:25

Thursday 17th June

Articles that convert

The art of writing meaningful articles

9:00 - 11:00

Friday 18th June


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